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2015 Heritage Fair Stamp Winners

2015 Heritage Fair Stamp Winners

by Susie Mabee -
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And the winner is...
Thanks to the following schools for their participation in this year's DISTRICT HERITAGE STAMP CONTEST: Arthur Stevenson, Ecole South Sahali, Ecole Lloyd George, Pinantan, Marion Schilling, Aberdeen, St. Ann's Academy, Rayleigh, Haldane, Dufferin, Westmount, Stuart Wood, Raft River, Kay Bingham and Logan Lake Secondary.

Each year we choose one stamp that is the winner that is placed on all the DISTRICT HERITAGE T SHIRTS.
I am pleased to let everyone know that the 2015 Winner is KENDALL SMITH from MARION SCHILLING  in Mrs. Hayashi's Grade 6 class. She drew and wrote about maple syrop. Congratulations to Kendall.

The committee also selects 15 HONORABLE MENTIONS that will serve as the posters/cards for the District Heritage Fair.
Congratulations to the following:
Raina Toombs       Ecole LGES      Gr. 7    Mme. Dumas
Hayden Koppes    Ecole SSES      Gr. 6    Mme. Demers
Jenna Huser         ASES               Gr. 7    Mr.  Scott
Taliya Yamaoka    Ecole LGES      Gr. 6    Mme. Christine
Hannah Latta       ASES                Gr. 6    Mr.  Styles
Danielle Roche    Ecole LGES       Gr. 7    Mme. Marshall
Katarina Roy        Raft River            Gr. 5    Mrs. Allan
Taylor Siebert     Stuart Wood        Gr. 5    Mrs. Piva
Layla Spies        MSES                Gr. 5    Mr.  Bell
Paige Jacobson   Rayleigh            Gr. 6    Mrs. Caputo
Brianne Friesen   ASES                Gr. 7    Ms.  Day
Katrina Ford        ASES               Gr. 7    Mr.  Scott
Jodh Singh Nahal Dufferin             Gr. 5    Mrs. Geoghegan
Rylie Adams      Rayleigh             Gr. 5    Mrs. Caputo
Sadie Herbert    Stuart Wood        Gr. 5    Mrs. Piva

Thanks to everyone for making this year's DISTRICT STAMP CONTEST one of the best ones ever!