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Heritage Fair 2021 Virtual

Heritage Fair 2021 Virtual

by Catherine Gorman -
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Heritage Fair Projects will be judged virtually through ZOOM this year.  For more information please contact Catherine Gorman  

Schools have been asked to sign up by March 26.  Please see your administrator for more information of registration. Schools will  be allocated a number of students to be judged by our District team.  

The Provincial Alumni team has put together a variety of resources for families, students and teachers.  Please see below:

To help students find a topic:

The Provincial Alumni team has also created Events where teachers/students can ask questions.  Please see the link below and the dates:

March 27: Researching, using resources (primary and secondary sources), interviewing people in the community

April 24: Putting your presentation together (traditional 3-fold poster board, and digital formats like powerpoints, videos, etc)

May 1: Presentation and interview skills